Our focus is on food products from very thin liquids to thick, dense products that do not seek their own level. Due to our stainless steel construction many models are suitable for use in non-food filling applications that require corrosion resistance.

We can fill a wide range of container sizes and shapes from 1 oz to 6 gallons including paper, plastic, cardboard boxes, and glass materials.

Sawvel has been creating unique and attractive patterns ever since day one. Feel free to bring us your latest challenge.

Anyone who wants a quality built machine at a fair price from honest folks who value a long term relationship.

Yes, we have developed the “Sawvel-AAA” line of machines built to meet or exceed the highest sanitary standards. All models ending in “–AAA” fall into this group.

Yes, we have extensive partnerships to assist you in locating what we don’t offer.

Absolutely. That is one key benefit of building machines to order!

Typically, fillers are delivered within 3-5months. Smaller items can be delivered as fast as 1-2 weeks. Custom projects may take longer from design to delivery.

For high volume users, it is good to review each machine at least twice a year. Once a year for machines with intermittent use.

We are a full service company offering free phone tech support from our Minnesota location. Diagnostics and machine tune-ups can be done on your site. Large projects like machine rebuilds and re-tooling work can also be done at our factory.


As long as we can find and update control components and the machine is meeting your needs we will offer support.

We offer two options, consignment re-sale for all models to maximize your return or trade-ins for more popular models allowing you to cash out more quickly.


We look forward to helping you identify your best path to higher profits.
Need a custom designed solution? We can help with that as well!


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